Pajama Party

Hey Girlies!

The title says it all. If you’re going to a PJ party, these are the Pajamas that look like you spent a million bucks.

And maybe you did.

Look at the pictures.

Just do it.

Here are some slippers that look great.

These are from, so not Claire’s.

And this is tee-jama from Victoria’s Secret.  They come in a bunch of colors.

And now, I am done (sadly). See you soon!



Sequin Scheme

Hey Girlies!

Today, for tonight, I’m going to show you an outfit that is completely sequin-related. (Can’t you see?)

Here is the outfit:

This first one has to be a link, because some of the pics on won’t copy. (This is the one in black.)

Then, there’s the purse:

This is the bag. It’s the “Glam On The Run Crossbody”.

Black and perfect.

Halston Heritage <em>Sequin Short</em> Women's <em>Shorts</em> - Purple 0 3

These are great with the top, cause there is a splash of dark color.

Wear these with black footless pantyhose.

Pour La Victoire Women's Channa Platform Pump

If you can wear these wihtout your feet hurting like crazy (trust me, I know what I’m talking about), thne wear these.

If you prefer flats, wear these:

KENNETH COLE REACTION Women's Slip Gloss Shoes (Black Sequin

You are now officially golden. (Well, black, but in a good way.)


Feeling Furry

Hey Girlies!

Here are some great-looking faux leopard-fur items that look really good together.

Perfect… FURRY!

Great with black demi-boots.

These are from “Torrid.” I don’t know what that is, but they’re cute and you can wear leg warmers over them.

Tania Black Suede Ankle Boot with Ruffle Trim (Wide Width)

These are optional, if you want them.


Casual but Cool

Hey Girlies!

Today, it’s going to be links to really pretty dresses at

There are going to be 28 dresses.  (They all have the word “dress” on the end.)

On Coral Grounds

Aren’t You Precious

Sugar Cookie Platter

Wending the Shore

Winter Merriment Me

Apricot Affection

Tile Be There

Present Company

Best Day Yet

A Whispered Wish

Dream Date

Drifting Damsel

Moonshadow Mesh

Vertical Wave

Evergreen and Gorgeous

What You Wish For

Special Accomlishments

SoCal Bungalow

A Breath of Fresh Flair

Malachite Clovers

Hibiscus at the Hop

Fiddle Black

Ultra Marina

Mint for You

Darling Purple Starling

Casting Shadows

Storm the Air

Okay, that took a lot of time.

But, there are some really pretty dresses there.

“What can you use them for?” You may ask. But, well, just wear them whenever you want to!


Dance Party Pretty

Hey Girlies!

As you probably guessed, I am showing you what I would wear to a dance party.

A  strappy or strapless dress is optimal, although strapless is probably more for teens.

But, if you want to, you could. You know, a one-shoulder, if it’s shortish, than it could work.

The best combo that I could ever think up off of  and off of is pretty awesome.

The earrings are the Here Comes Fall Leaf Drops from Claire’s. I don’t have them, but I really want them.

The dress is from – It’s the Jessica Simpson Women’s One-shoulder Dress with Flutter


Anything like this would work.



Comment if this works, and comment even if it doesn’t.


Cutie Cool

Hey Girlies!

Today, the topic here is hanging out with your bf. Whether it’s a date or just a whatever time, here are the outfits for you.

Date Nights:

Here’s a dance outfit –


This is a great dress – in fact, it’s my favorite – from, except imagine it in lavender.


These fringy, frilly earrings match a lavender version of the dress shown in yellow.

Just hanging out:

AE Women's <em>Denim Cutoff</em> Shortie (Bright Medium) 12

These are some cute shorts to go with a fluttery top thing. From American Eagle.Wrapper Flutter Top

Cute top.



Either of these would work ith the outfit here.

View Product

Wear black leggings under the shorts.

Easy looks.

Hope you have a great date!



Earrings Rule

Hey Girlies!

Today, the topic is the best earrings from One section is party earrings, one section is everyday, and one is for both.

Party Earrings:

These are great for a dance show. “Feather Dancer Drops”

With lots of holiday parties coming up, these are some great earrings for all of those.


Peacock/feathers are in style.

Again, feathers… in style.


These are my favorite earrings on

These are awesome cause they just are.


Happy Partying!