Hey, fashionistas!

Today, I have my friend Eli (it’s pronounced Ellie) here to offer some makeup insight. *She’s a figure skater. She knows what she’s doing.*

1) For all eye products (except mascara), lipsticks, lip gloss, and concealers, she recommends Rimmel London. You can only find it at CVS or online. (You might be able to find it other places, and if you do, please tell me where in the comments.)

2) For mascara and eyelash curlers, use Maybelline NY. You can find it practically everywhere.

3) For fake eyelashes, Katy Perry’s brand works well. You can find them at Target, Claire’s, and online, but not CVS.

4) If you want to buy moisturizers, Bath & Body Works has a great selection.

5) For hair products, higher strength products  (level 5 & up) are the only ones that work. If you have super-difficult hair, use mousse after you take a shower.

*Trust me, this is all really good advice. Trust the skater.*

-Livey & Eli


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