Perfect Prom

Hey Girlies! Today (again), I will show you how to accessorize and what kind of dresses to wear to a prom for all those high school girlies. The first combo is sort of like a sunset.

(Dresses from


The one on the right is the dress, but if you want an ocean-like theme, than you could use the one on the left.

Accessories for the sunset:

This wristlet would match the magenta in the middle of the dress.

These earrings are perfect, cause they’re called “Sunset Fringe Earrings.” Awesome, right?

Accessories for the ocean:

The blue earrings would work for this, and also maybe the pink/red ones for the sunset.

The other color of the pink wristlet.



In this one, I mean the purple one. It would look good with something silver, wouldn’t it? So that’s going to be the theme here: purple/silver.


These earrings look great with this dress. Sparkles, right?

This clutch is great, cause it shimmers, and it’s purple.

One more – a red short dress:


The accessories:

Perfect, cause the dress has little feather thingys on it.

Kenneth Cole Reaction Red Patent Expandable Wristlet

This one is from, so you won’t find it on or in store.

Comment if your dance or prom goes really well or horribly… hope it goes well!



Holiday Happy

Hey Girlies!

I think you know already that I’m showing you what you could wear for the holidays, but, this is only going to be accessories for a holiday party.

Basically, the pictures will be different combos of accessories that you could wear from

Kay… here they are:

Of course these work, cause they’re matching.

These have the same idea: circle(s) of iridescent/black.

These three are all shiny and black, and just generally look elegant but fun.

Hope you girlies get some inspiration!


P.S. – Sorry I have’t posted in a couple weeks – am really busy.

Hi Guys!

Hey Girlies!!!!! Kelly here. I’m just here to say hey. Read after this to find out about fashion and accessories. BTW there is this great place (In case you didn’t know) called Claire’s.
btw this is me… kind of a bad pic, but who cares???