Hello, lovelies! I’m Olivia. At times I also go by Aria Marina Westhaven, but that’s more of a writing thing than a fashion thing. I’m a full-time creative nonprofessional – author, fashion blogger, and high school drama costumer.

I grabbed this tag off of Google Images. Hope you enjoy.

  1. Full Name: Olivia Ann Martin
  2. Zodiac sign: Gemini
  3. 3 fears: spiders/snakes, loss of the internet, and Junior year
  4. 3 things you love: my laptop, my sketchbook, Pinterest
  5. Your best friend: Eli H-M (4’10” of kickass applied liberally to grown men)
  6. Last song you listened to: The Waltz of the Flowers (Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite)
  7. 4 turn-ons: a sophisticated sense of humor, a basic understanding of color, the ability to comprehend Shakespeare, and active participation in any of my seven fandoms
  8. 4 turn-offs: douchebag status, rudeness, overbearing actions, and the support of any ships contrary to my own (curse you, Astriccup!)
  9. How many tattoos/piercings you have: none (but I want a quote (I’m undecided as to which one) on my left wrist/just the regular one per ear (but I want an extra one on each ear just above the first ones)
  10. How you feel right now: as of 1:41 AM on October 3, 2015, I feel decidedly satisfied with life
  11. Something you really, really want: an enormous personal studio
  12. Your current relationship status: single as a pringle
  13. Your favorite movies: How to Train Your Dragon, Tangled, Rise of the Guardians, Brave, Frozen, The Princess Diaries 2
  14. Your favorite songs: every Ed Sheeran song that didn’t get insanely popular
  15. Your favorite bands/artists: Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, and Chameleon Circuit
  16. 3 things that upset you: sexism, racism, and general hate
  17. 3 things that make you happy: fashion, the grammatically correct use of the word “irregardless,” and popcorn
  18. Someone you miss: my brother, who’s in college
  19. Someone you love: my cat, Nyxie
  20. Your relationship with your parents: positive
  21. Your favorite holiday: Christmas!
  22. A confession: I really hate when people not using British accents say the word “rubbish.” It just sounds weird without the accent.
  23. Your pets: one cat, Nyxie, named for the Greek goddess of Night
  24. One thing you’ve lied about: one time I told somebody that I had a boyfriend just to shut them up
  25. Something that’s worrying you: schoolwork (update: It was a completely justified worry. I’m drowning in midterm studying.)
  26. An embarrassing moment: My school’s drama club found out that we had an enormous wad of cash just laying around. I was working on a costume for a character that generally insists on looking like a walking disco ball. I’d found this Etsy store sold 1000 2mm rhinestones for $3.50, and since we had $5,000, I figured it would be reasonable to ask for $35 for 10,000 of them. I had a little time left in bio after my lab, and I got so excited about having a big theater budget that I actually spent time calculating the amount of fabric that I could cover with 10,000 rhinestones in square meters. Just for the record, as long as my math is correct, that amount would be 20 square meters.
  27. Where you work: in my room or in the living room
  28. Something that’s constantly on your mind: the next costume I have to make
  29. Something you fantasize about: gauze, silk, satin, taffeta, and lace (not even kidding)
  30. Your favorite stores: ThinkGeek, Barnes and Noble, Joann’s
  31. Your favorite foods: Chicken flavored ramen noodles, popcorn, carrots
  32. Something you’re talented at: designing cosplays
  33. Your idea of a perfect date: a Phineas and Ferb Netflix marathon in my living room
  34. Your celebrity crush(es): Robbie Kay, Colin O’Donoghue

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